Monday, December 05, 2005

DropshipMan's review on The Rich Jerk (

What an asshole, I can honestly say after ordering this guy's Ebook that he is a true jerk and some of his methods and just overall thinking in terms of making killer money online are just downright mean.

Downright mean..., he actually tells you that some of his methods may be unethical and all of them are legal and really, really accessible. Before I purchased his Ebook last night, I checked his Alexa rating: 3,143 . Wow, looks like a herd of cattle are rushing to this site but are they buying this book??

I then checked with Clickbank to see if people actually buy his informational book. It's friggin Number 1.

Refund Option, tons of buyers and website visitors, and tons of people promoting this thing.
Why not give The Rich Jerk a shot??

I bought it last night, and after thoroughly reading through this thing (while I should really be studying for my legal exams), I am literally blown away on how easy he seems to detail making millions on the Internet. The only thing I ever really thought was for real in terms of making money online was via dropshipping and using my favorite directory through Worldwide Brands, Inc. I've honestly made great money setting up online dropshipping businesses and that is definitely one thing I will always do. However, this Jerk has got me thinking.

I don't wanna say too much, and I don't think I can say alot about the content without getting sued, but I will say that the information on his Ebook is something that you've probably heard before. However, this thing is so concise it almost makes you think you're stupid for not putting all of these ideas together yourself. $49.99 is not a bad price and the day after reading the Ebook, I am already putting his Google and Traffic Strategies to work.

The Rich Jerk
The hottest information source on the Internet right now and for good reason!!

Thumbs Up Here,
DropshipMan (Joey)

Those Backorder Situations - My 1000.00 Dropship Sale

Yep, I recently made a 1000.00 dropship sale online, well not a full grand, more like $976.00 but let's just call it the grand backorder sale. I'm going to use this situation to give everyone an example of how to handle backorder situations in the drop ship business.

-I recently sold two big items in the alternative energy market, now I can't tell you what exactly because too many people will just read this post and automatically curtail my long research efforts in the past months and immediately start selling those exact products. So, I sold two of them, buyer sends me a $976 e-check via Paypal and says, "Wow, those are some good prices, please get me my %%%%%-%%%%%% as soon as possible."

Up to that point, I was giving her great customer service during the auction on Ebay, giving her information on her products, energy output readings, things of that nature. Well, as in dropship business goes, you then have to forward the order to your dropship supplier.

-My Dropship Supplier

(which I found off the incredible Drop Ship Directory created by Chris Malta and Worldwide Brands). , then tells me that he just ran out of that product 24 hours ago and then he tells me that he has NO IDEA when the next batch will come in. My product market on my certain webswite is in very, very high demand right now, and the inventory turnover ratio is ridiculous, so it's hard to measure sales vs. dropship supplier inventory on any given day.

So, what do I do?? Freak out?, get mad?, nope, if you want to succeed in dropshipping you have to learn that backorder situations occur, pretty frequently. So get over it. I then emailed my customer, explained the situation telling her that backorder situations were frequent in the alternative energy market and that her order could arrive anywhere between 2-12 weeks. (Big, Big window I know..). I told her that I would give her an update email every two weeks if she wished, but I could not guarantee a delivery date for her. Then, I gave her the option you ALWAYS have to give your customers in the dropship ecommerce business, A FULL REFUND NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Always offer this if you are delaying your customer's happiness in any way, but however, don't ever offer a freebie or gift portraying that the backorder is your fault, because it's not.

Conclusion: Backorders happen in the drop-ship business, explain your customer the situation, tell them the truth, the full truth. I had no idea when I could get her her product, and I told her so. Then tell her, I will update you every two weeks if you want to stay on the backorder list, or you can get a Full-Refund, always say you can get a full refund, but don't ever, ever offer something like free shipping, or discounts because of the backorder, because that' s not good business and will hurt you in the long run.

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