Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Issues with Dropshipping International and How to drop ship outside the United States

I get this question all the time from non-US citizens..."How do I dropship oversees or sell to US based customers while not being a US based business?" and this one "I'm really mad, some of the dropshippers in the drop ship directory I subscribed to won't dropship internationally..."

-Folks, there are ways of running a drop ship business while not being a US citizen. First, if you're a Canadien, German, Russian, Madagascarian, or whatever, why not setup a US based business or work with a partner who is US based? If you don't know anyone who is US based, then incorporate a new business in the United States and use an entity like "Mailboxes, Etc." as the address of your business. This way, you can market and sell products through your ecommerce website to US based customers.

-However, remember you're going to need a TaxID number and a US checking account to make this happen though. This is why you're going to need a US based address.

In terms of dropshipping from the US to other countries, I do this, but the shipping costs can be monstrous for bigger sized items, and I honestly don't get many sales this way so I don't put alot of effort into international marketing.

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